Born in 1981. Very much alive and well. Graduated from LIPA in 2014. Works as an actor. He recently watched 2 documentaries about pigeonset aa nd edit me. It's easy.

Ed Gaughan

Ed is a highly talented musician, actor, comedian and director. Its enough to make you sick. He likes jazz and booze


studied Theatre at Central. She has an incredible eye for falconry and dramaturg, not to mention being a very talented technician. She recently disappeared in a cloud of Smog.


is a rare breed of animator who works with The London Snorkelling Team. His knowledge of felt tip pens is thick and sturdy like an ancient Littlewoods catalogue. He occasionally leaves the cave in which he dwells to dazzle us with his brilliance. In 2018 he disappeared in a cloud of Smog.


has feet of golden feathers, wherever she dances glitter is excreted. She is a magical beast who trained at LIPA. Sometimes she writhes around in her own glittery muck. Genevieve recently disappeared in a cloud of Smog.

Lionel Ritchie

Lionel is a succesful pop-star. He has no idea he's in the show

Tony mowbray

last but certainly not least is the t-100, a real life, pretend robot from the year 1989

scott turnbull
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